1 word. 6 letters. 3 syllables. This my friends is where I am at right now. I'm only 21 days away from leaving and yet nothing is different. I haven't packed or gone through my things. I haven't met with people or started to tie any loose ends. And I really only have one explanation. … Continue reading Denial


40 (patruzeci)

Waking up to 40 days.   How crazy. This morning I woke up and realized it. I mean in 40 days my time in Romania will be done. Over. Finished. Gata. Completed. That is so crazy to think of. I feel like it was just a week ago I was preparing for the journey and … Continue reading 40 (patruzeci)


So let me start off by saying I wanted to post this blog on my 1 year anniversary but...well I'm a few days late. (Forgive me, Julie) Anyway.. So I came to the realization that as a missionary I feel like I have to have this reputation that I'm always fine. I'm always put together … Continue reading Reflection


I spent a week at youth camp. The same youth camp I came for last year with a team of Americans. This year things were a little different. Instead of having a team of Americans put on the camp our very own Romanian leaders organized the whole thing. Personally, I was really impressed with them! … Continue reading #Reset