A few days late and a little short but its the theme that matters. As some of you know but this past week was Thanksgiving in the US. A holiday that is not celebrated in Romania (obvs). Anyway.. I just want to tell you about mine and tell you some things that I am thankful … Continue reading Thanksgiving



I spent a week at youth camp. The same youth camp I came for last year with a team of Americans. This year things were a little different. Instead of having a team of Americans put on the camp our very own Romanian leaders organized the whole thing. Personally, I was really impressed with them! … Continue reading #Reset


  For some reason this has been one of the hardest blogs to post. I think it is because it took such a toll on my spirit and life that I want to make sure all of you who are reading can really understand what happened. Here it goes.... So a few weekends ago I went on … Continue reading Humbled